SHAQ The MC blog is back

I feel comfortable keeping here…

in one place…

the things that inspire me …






I waste too much time when I’m online doing nothing anyway.  wandering aimlessly all over, sifting through garbage, no concept of time like I live nowhere. I am now creating my electronic home. Welcome to my digital living room. You’re facing the wall with my bookshelf, records, and DVD collection – well what will be. I’m on the floor sorting through. sit down. I’ve prepared some lyrical hot chocolate for you till I get through enough to give you a full tour.

I remember a sistren of mine that followed my blog on Myspace once comment that though the content of ‘predominantly things that inspire me’ was great, there wasn’t enough ME in there. I get it, the room is in need of some colour.

moreover I think that you may feel I’ve not been up to much when I actually feel busier than I have in a while. Life comes at you fast. Being busy however means Moving Constantly and in the spirit of progress and success that also means More Consciously and not just aimlessly.

So I’m creating my home, get comfortable.


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