Mario Evon Live at Redbones Ft SHAQ The MC – Preview

Did you get you some love In Di Mawnin?

Well Friday January 21st, that’s what was served up at Mario Evon Live @ Redbones Ft. SHAQ The MC.

This is just a taste of what happened that night…full footage soon…

Mario and myself have been talking about collaborating for a while now. So when this invitation for a 30 min set came up with just 2 weeks to showtime I jumped into rehearsals with the band. A selection of my favorite musicians that I’ve wanted to work with now for a while. Love em. Felt awesome working on songs like Streets Is Hot and Solution, finally getting some of the ideas out of my head.

We pushed so hard, I was hoarse two days before the show when I walked into Mario’s rehearsal for the first. We had decided on making a duet of Musiq Soulchilds – Just Friends, and for me to make an appearance on Mario’s Love in Di Mawning. At that point all I had was the opening line to an 8 bar ‘climax’ of the song. The rest was a surprise for everyone.

So I took the stage some time after 9pm. Had a blast, worked out my 30 min set. Then, lots of lime and Stones Ginger wine later, the two guest spots during Mario’s performance went slightly unexpected. There wasn’t a second lead microphone for me to center the stage and then my opening lines for Love In Di Mawning were met with such an overwhelming response…well, you see the video…

So the rest is about to be history as I do believe we have an official remix in the works.


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