How have you been?

An old friend/colleague from a job I had some years ago finds me online and asks me this.

My response was:

I have been busy living the dream and holding on for dear life to the adventure!

What you reckon, too poetic?

Well, welcome to the adventure.  To date I have chit chatted with Anita Baker about her children, I have introduced my mother to one of her favourite reggae musicians, Ive flirted with Jill Scott in front everyone at a backstage press conference.  Ive gotten ten years experience hosting and organizing live music shows, Ive recorded for Sade and Lady Gaga, I’ve heard my own ideas come to life with as many as seven musicians, and collaborated with some of my favourite peers. I’ve performed to the beat of an open palm on a desk to a hip hop audience, and I’ve performed at formal sit down dinners accompanied by a Cello, Saxophone, and Congo drums, and I only mention these things cos they amazed me…

stay tuned…


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