Working on the ‘SOLUTION’ Part 1

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Over at Stages studio with engineer Doug.

Marcus Golding adds some live drums and Doug starts the mix

Asani Morris sent me the music for Solution years ago. ‘The riddim sick!’ It drives hard and at the same time has lots of silly sounds. I remember listening to it for months not knowing what to do with it. It needed a Solution. All I had was a string of declarations… and that’s what the song became for me.

“We need a Revolution … cos I see no Solution!

This song comes with a story longer than I’d wish to tell; a gestation period that involves losing the files completely once or twice. I’m really not sure when this was originally recorded but this is the 3rd version, I’m sure.

That being said it created more problems than solutions and time rolled by as the Solution Riddim was juggled on the radio with songs from Vybz Kartel, Aidonia and others… no SHAQ The MC.

It was such an experiment for so long that it got shelved, never released. Now years later, having recently performed the song a couple times, doing even more experiments with a live band, the team is back in studio working on the ‘Solution’.

SHAQ THE MC - Solution @ Jamnesia 01SHAQ THE MC - Solution @ Jamnesia 02

Solution will be the first song  produced through Difamli Entertainment for its first official SHAQ The MC release yet to be titled. Stay tuned…


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