SHAQ The MC – Mona Jam Session Pt 2 with Vernon Dacosta

Streets is Hot…

Part two of Mona Jam Session with Vernon Dacosta. So I set the tempo and the tone for ‘Rozanne’. Vern followed finding a perfect groove on the spot never having heard the song before. This is one of the first songs I wrote with lady fender so its only fitting that she be with us. ‘Rozanne’; an ode to loves lost and short lived.

Streets is hot follows shortly after Vern’s timely words of wisdom. This one we’ve rehearsed before. A song that started as a freestyle of mish mashed verses now becomes a timeless yet current commentary on Jamaica’s state of affairs.

One of many jam sessions I now record as I use my music to bring some of my favourite musicians together. More soon…


2 responses to “SHAQ The MC – Mona Jam Session Pt 2 with Vernon Dacosta

  • Alanzo

    Streets is Hot…all I can say is…’REWIND’. Nice to have met you the other day with my Sis Jean Blackstock

    • The MC

      Nuff respect for passing through Alanzo! Was a pleasure. Please pass it on and stay tuned. I’ve been working on Streets is Hot for a while now and I’m going to post some video soon of the song performed live with a 7 piece band. Don’t hesitate to give feedback on any of the other content. BLESS

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