One of Jamaicas first HIP HOP forums held at ‘Sound Culture University’

Sound culture university holds jamaican hip hop forum

Originally posted at Hip Hop Roots JA

Sounds of Life held a historic event for Jamaican Hip Hop on Friday, May 20, 2011 on the lawns of Emancipation Park. Scores of rappers and producers convened for the Sound Culture University with a curious audience filled with fans, DJ’s, academics, journalists and skeptics alike. The discussion revealed to everyone that local Hip Hop is in its early stages and is still defining itself. The vision is for it to bring Hip Hop full circle and rekindle the global genre and culture with its Jamaican roots and its essence – as stated by one local rapper (T.S.D.), “to speak truth to power”. Many issues and challenges within Hip Hop were discussed, particularly in a local context. For the first, many ‘outsiders’ to the movement could get a better understanding of not only the genre in general but more specifically its local manifestation.

This was the first event of its kind for local Hip Hop. It was said by one rapper – your Musical Correspondent – that the community has never had such a forum to discuss its music. The audience heard much about the experiences and perspectives of local Hip Hop artistes. It is of importance to note that Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah said that the various Hip Hop practitioners seated before her will be right in touch with what the new musical genre to evolve out of Jamaica will be.

Many people stuck around for more discussion after the event, especially rappers who have begun to plot more cooperation in building the local Hip Hop scene and propelling the music both locally and internationally.  The energy was great for all Hip Hoppers. And Sounds of Life must be thanked. This was a great opportunity and will be the catalyst for much more in the future.

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Started with a cypha to keep the rain away and ended with Tarrus Riley performing at a peace concert behind us. kudos to Afifa for making it happen. Cant believe so much of the Hip Hop fraternity show up to sit neatly on the lawns of Emancipation park and hold some organized reasoning with doctors producers and fans about the movement. Boom!


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